Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anyone would like to dance wit' me? lol

I really love dancing....
Why don't we learn this Cha-Cha with me?hihi


Ain Nabihah Bt Ahmam said...

wau..u like dancing??
but I never see u dance..
I just ever see u dance 'zapin' with anam in entrepreneurship class on that time..haha
I hope u can teach me how to dance,k..

=*NuRo0L* = said...

saye nak jugak..!!!!my,remember..we used to berangan bout this...ha..miss that moment..
we truely loved each other at that nakal...(sape bace muntah darah jgn marah eh..)

Che' Mat said...

hahahahaa i've had once in dangdut...but i don't have partners...(muke serabut, mak ayam pon xmau..)hahahahah

nurool>yeah :P

Ain Nabihah Bt Ahmam said...

so, I can be ur partner..hahahaha
mesti awk ckp dlm ht (just in ur dream)

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